Wir beten füreinander

22.03.2020, 19:01

Alles Gute!

23.03.2020, 16:11

Das Partner/Partnerin, Eltern/ Kinder trotz engerem Zusammenleben einander mit Liebe und Verständnis begegnen. Dass sie die Nähe Gottes spüren können.

29.07.2020, 22:47

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Willkommen - Katholische Kirchgemeinde Schötz-Ohmstal - pfarrei-schoetz.ch

30.07.2020, 22:59

Gооd dаy!
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Monkey Digital

05.08.2020, 23:12

Hello there

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Willkommen - Katholische Kirchgemeinde Schötz-Ohmstal

07.08.2020, 15:59

Dear Sir/mdm,

Our company Resinscales is looking for distributors and resellers for its unique product: ready-made tank models from the popular massively multiplayer online game - World of Tanks.

Such models are designed for fans of the game WoT and collectors of military models.

What makes our tank models stand out?

- We are focusing on tanks not manfactured by any companies, therefore we have no competitors
- Accurately made in 1/35 scale
- Very high accuracy of details

12.08.2020, 01:25


My name is Dalibor Harald, Thank you for your time, my company offers project financing/Joint Ventures Partnership and lending services, do you have any projects that require funding/ Joint Ventures Partnership at the moment? We are ready to work with you on a more transparent approach.

Best regards,

Dalibor Harald
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